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Article If you're dying to unleash your inner pageant mom or dad this weekend, the city of Laurel is hosting its first annual Dog Days of Summer Talent and Beauty Show this Sunday at 2 p.m. at McCullough Field.

Touch up all molding and seams throughout the house. - Whether it remains from the builder or you brought in a contractor who did a sub-par job, all moldings and molding seams should be inspected and corrected if needed. Shoddy craftsmanship on minute items like molding lead buyers to think there may be more (or less) behind the walls then they're paying for.

If hundreds of cute dogs walking around don't get you excited, then how about Duff Goldman from Ace of Cakes? That's right Duff also has a soft spot for the animals and is also walking to show his support. Duff will be at the starting line to start off the ceremonies at 10:00AM.

Ball point pens have made it possible to overcome may of the short comings with them. Ink filling regularly is one such problem. The quality of ink pen depends very much on the quality of the tip. Only a good quality nib ensures smooth writing and one has to train an ink pen according to his style like jack russell training (Suggested Web site) a dog.

You'll want to avoid buying a puppy at a pet store. Puppies found at pet stores may have come from what are known as puppy mills. This is a term that's applied to disreputable breeders who have many litters at one time. The dogs dog digging are kept in crowded, unclean conditions. The puppy's parents often won't receive the medical attention that they need.

The bad news is hot dogs and bolognas are not the only foods loaded with nitrate. Breakfast sausage, ham, bacon, salami and lunch meat that's made with turkey, chicken, beef, etc.

Each week a new dog is chosen as a semi-finalist based on winning the popular vote. You can vote each day for one dog or many dog. You can bookmark your favorite or browse through the cute gallery which is updated daily. Dogs of all breeds, sizes, and personalities are welcome. If you have a dog food and a camera you can participate. The competition is tight and there are many cute dogs out there. You pick your fave!

Of course, there are the shows, and attractions. But what else is in Branson? Well there is the Branson Entertainment Hall of Fame, admission is free. Take in dinner, and a show on the Showboat Branson Belle, admission depends on which show you want to see.