Simmons DA200S Electronic Drum Set Monitor

Simmons DA200S Electronic Drum Set Monitor


The Simmons DA200S houses a 100-watt low-frequency amp with two 50-watt mid- and high-frequency amps. The low-frequency amp powers a heavy-duty 12″ down-firing sub-woofer speaker and a specially desig… Click To Read More About This Product

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  • The Simmons DA200S houses a 100-watt low-frequency amp with two 50-watt mid- and high-frequency amps. The low-frequency amp powers a heavy-duty 12″ down-firing sub-woofer speaker and a specially designed slot port for bottom-end projection. Left and right mid- and high-frequency amps drive 2-6-1/2″ mid-range speakers and 2-1/2″ high-frequency tweeters.

    The DA200S maintains the integrity of the stereo drum signal from input to speakers (including line outs and extension speaker jacks). This provides a broad stereo field that positions your drums at their correct sonic locations, providing a realistic audio experience for you and your audience, whether you’re in the studio or playing live.


    General features

    • Soft touch knobs (adjustable with your drum stick)
    • Ribbed handle for easy transport
    • Protective, long-lasting carpet covering
    • High-frequency tweeters for cymbal clarity
    • Heavy-duty midrange speakers for punchy mid-frequency response
    • Heavy-Duty 12″ Down-firing sub-woofer for enhanced bass response (internal)
    • Heavyweight steel grille
    • Slot-port for enhanced cabinet with efficiency and bottom-end projection

    Front panel features

    • Drum Inputs: 1/4″ input jacks (left and right)
    • Aux Input: 1/4″ stereo jack used for connecting any pre-EQ source such as a click track, additional digital instruments, devices, drum pad MPC machines, etc.
    • Drum Volume to control the volume level of the Drum Inputs to the power amplifier
    • Aux Volume to control the volume level of the Aux Input
    • Equalization section with low, mid, and high knobs to control the overall tone
    • Sub controls the volume of the low frequency sub-woofer
    • Master: This controls the overall volume of the amplifier
    • Line In: 1/8″ stereo line input which bypasses the EQ tone controls and feeds straight into the power amplifier, perfect for using CD or MP3 players to play along with
    • Headphone Jack: 1/8″ stereo output jack which combines all inputs from your drums, Aux Input, and Line In for monitoring your drums during live performances

    Back panel features:

    • Left and Right Line Outs: balanced XLR Line Outs provide quiet, noise-free signal flow through a standard mic cable or snake to a recording or live console
    • Volume Control for Line Outs: completely independent from the Master volume on the front panel, allowing you to set your feed level to a mixing console
    • Ground Lift: to eliminate hum or buzz that may exist if there is a ground loop created between any stage gear and the PA system
    • Extension Speakers Jacks: deliver the full 200 watts of power to the internal speakers. In addition, you may use these jacks with un-powered speakers to widen your stereo field for the midrange and high frequencies

    Output power (RMS 1%)

    • 50 Watts @ 8 Ohms (x2) Tweeter Internal Speakers (Stereo)
    • 50 Watts @ 4 Ohms (x2) Midrange Internal Speakers (Stereo)
    • 100 Watts @ 8 Ohms (x1) Subwoofer Internal Speaker (Mono)
    • 500 mWatts @ 32 Ohms (x2) output to Headphones (Stereo)
    • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz, tailored for accurate acoustic response for electronic drums
    • Hum and Noise: -60 dBV with all controls turned down, -55 dBV with all controls turned halfway
    • Input Impedance: 10K Ohms through all inputs

    Input Levels

    • -16 dBV Drum Inputs to achieve full output
    • – 20 dBV Aux to achieve full output
    • -10 dBV Line In to achieve full output

    External Outputs

    • Max external speaker output: 30 Watts (x2) extension speaker jacks are wired in series with internal midrange speakers.
    • XLR-Balanced line outputs adjustable from off (CCW) to 0 dBV (CW). Wiring follows IEC268 standard (pin1 shield, 2 +, and 3 ”).
    • (All measurements made at 1 kHz, EQ controls flat and volumes Max.)
    • Tone controls (EQ centers): 50 Hz, 800 Hz, 10 kHz, 3 band, +/”12 dB
    • AC power requirements: 400 watts at full output, 14 watts at idle


    • 12″ (305 mm) woofer special design, 8 Ohms rated 150 Watts RMS
    • 2 x 6.5″ (165 mm) midrange special design, 4 Ohms rated 65 Watts RMS
    • 2 x 2.5″ (64 mm) tweeter special design, 8 Ohms bullet horn rated 50 Watts RMS
    • Dimensions (English) 16 1/2″ deep, 17 3/4″ wide, 20″ tall, including feet (420 cm Deep, 450 cm Wide, 508 cm Tall)
    • Weight: 57 lbs./25.8 kg
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